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  1. Not all Starbucks® locations can redeem free rewards. All company-operated stores will honor rewards, but some non-company operated locations (often those located at service stations, airports... Date Updated: 23/05/2019
  2. You can register an unlimited number of cards to your account. Date Updated: 23/05/2019
  3. We'll send you an email letting you know when your reward is loaded and ready to redeem.  Make sure you confirm your email address now to be sure you don't miss a drink.  You can... Date Updated: 23/05/2019
  4. We have a page dedicated to My Starbucks Rewards . Date Updated: 23/05/2019
  5. No. Every year on your anniversary date (the date you qualified for Gold level), our system will look back and confirm whether or not you have earned the minimum 50 stars during that timeframe. If... Date Updated: 23/05/2019
  6. No, your barista cannot see if you have a free drink reward waiting - so be sure to watch for email notifications, check your rewards status online, or on your Starbucks mobile app . (If you are... Date Updated: 23/05/2019
  7. Auto Top-Up is a great way to get the most of your Starbucks Card. Auto Top-Up is available for registered UK Starbucks Cards. You can set the Top-Up amount and your card will be... Date Updated: 23/05/2019
  8. Your credit card information is never stored on your mobile device. Your credit card information can be stored in your Starbucks Card account if you choose to do so. Storing your credit card... Date Updated: 23/05/2019
  9. No, as of 1 October 2017, is no longer available for customers to purchase products online or by phone. You can purchase your favourite coffee and Starbucks merchandise in your... Date Updated: 02/10/2017
  10. Please ensure that you have enabled location services on your device. To enable location simply go to your device settings and select Starbucks and then turn location on. Date Updated: 23/05/2019
  11. Any customer who purchases a Filter Coffee to stay in one of our participating stores in the UK or Ireland, can enjoy a free Tall refill on us. Customers must retain their mug and provide this... Date Updated: 20/07/2017
  12. No, prices of products previously sold on may vary from prices of similar or identical products currently sold in Starbucks stores. Date Updated: 02/10/2017
  13. Yes, but if the recipient is a non-iOS 10 device user, they will receive a URL linking to their eGift as opposed to seeing the gift card within their text messages. Date Updated: 20/07/2017
  14. Starbucks coffee grounds are recycled through our 'Starbucks Grounds for Your Garden' initiative, which has been running in the UK for many years. Starbucks stores across the country offer free bags... Date Updated: 23/05/2019
  15. As of 1 October 2017, 23:59 BST, is no longer available for customers to purchase products online or by phone. You can purchase your favourite coffee and Starbucks merchandise... Date Updated: 02/10/2017
  16. The app will show you the Starbucks® store offering Mobile Order & Pay, that is closest to your current location, as well as the estimated pick-up time for your order. You can change stores by... Date Updated: 23/05/2019
  17. Your eGift is searchable by "Starbucks gift card". Date Updated: 20/07/2017
  18. Yes, some products are available in your local Starbucks . We cannot guarantee availability of any product in store, but we know you will find many choices to enjoy. Many of our coffee products can... Date Updated: 02/10/2017
  19. We are no longer supporting subscription programs as of 1 September 2017. Please visit your local Starbucks to find your favourite products. We cannot guarantee availability of any product in store... Date Updated: 02/10/2017
  20. Contributing positively to our local communities is important to Starbucks and our stores will be happy to support local community events in any way possible. Please contact the store manager of... Date Updated: 23/05/2019

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